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From solo practitioners to law firms, our experienced VTEX team has worked with clients to create one-of-a-kind VTEX development solutions to boost revenue and build credibility. Hire our team to enjoy the highest law website standards in the market.

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What we do

Ecommerce Replatformin

Looking to connect with those who require legal representation? Let our VTEX experts help in securing better website visibility, better rankings and more business in the long run. Get the VTEX platform advantage before the others catch up.

Mobile Responsiveness

Increase your target market by making your website accessible on different gadgets, resolutions and screen sizes. Hire a VTEX developer to make a mobile responsive legal website and widen your reach.

Site Remodelling

The VTEX IO provides the right look, feel and performance. We create unique and fullyfunctioning legal websites that will command attention and impress your prospective clients. Take advantage of our VTEX services to remodel your site.

Custom Functionality

Enhance your position, reputation and revenue with VTEX experts, who specialize in incorporating custom features that are perfectly designed to meet your client’s needs. We have the right technology, tools, security and branding expertise to handle your project.

UI/UX Optimisation

Clients looks for legal services are normally stressed and short of time. A simple, straightforward and clean interface using VTEX development, is just what they need. Our team specializes in creating designs that will generate and retain interest.

Personalized Offers

Our VTEX services can be finetuned to meet specific requirements of the legal industry. From adhering to legal regulations to personalized content, we have you covered.


Take a look at some of our outstanding VTEX development projects in the legal niche to get an idea of what to expect.

Redesigning using VTEX

Recently, we successfully redesigned and developed a website for a US-based legal practitioner with excellent results.

Migration to VTEX IO

A mid-sized law firm wanted to replatform to VTEX IO to enjoy its added features and superior functionality.

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